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Summer!  Lazy, hazy days are perfect for adults, but not so much for children.  You would think with camps, vacations, sports, and friends their days would be filled!   Well be prepared to hear..... "I'm Borrrrreeeeed"! double prepared and schedule in a session or two to keep those brilliant minds at work!   I come with an arsenal of learning experiences, games, books and "fun".   Call now we can set up a convenient time that will work with your schedule.    

It's not to early to think about Summer plans!   Summer enrichment in reading and math once or twice a week might be something you should consider for your child.   Start the new school year out with a bang!  Picture your child starting out with the confidence and knowledge that they will be on track or ahead instead of trying to catch up!   Like that picture?  Enroll now, summer slots fill up fast! Fall is calling, is your student going to be ready?  

It is hard to believe that 2013 is almost over!  This year has been tremendous for successfully achieving goals, reaching milestones and creating new areas to develop.  Everyone has worked hard.   As I review and reflect on this year that will soon be behind us, I need to put the Families and Students that I have worked with at the top of my list for what I am Thankful for.  Your success has also been my success.  Some of you I will see in the bright new year that is before us, and some of you have moved on to continue the path that has been set for you.     Godspeed to all of you, I know your future is bright and the world is a much better place for having your intelligence and determination in it!   As this wonderful season begins, remember the kindness of all that have been extended to you, and treat others with kindness and respect.   Oh and of your homework,... read more

Awesome!  What an amazing way for elementary children to learn algebra!  Parents this will help you as well.  But...if you are still having problems, I do have a few Saturday slots available.   This has been a very busy few months!  For the most part I am totally booked.  The kids are doing great, grades are improving and self esteem is rising.   Practice, practice, practice is so important.  The more you do anything, the better you become.  Read, expand your mind, learn new words, repeat those times tables over and over until you don't even think about them anymore!   As we gear toward the upcoming Holidays, think about educational games and gifts.  The time you spend playing these games with your kids is priceless and fun!  Everyone wins!   The week of Thanksgiving, I will be taking a much needed vacation with my family, but I will be around during the Christmas break.  If you need... read more

The start of a new School Year is almost here! I know my students are ready, they have worked hard all summer and are prepared for new challenges. Are you? Just a few hours a week could make the difference in how you view the coming year! Spend a few hours these next few weeks to review math facts, concepts, grammar and of course what have you read this summer? Need help? I still have a few slots available. Are you Ready?

Can you believe July is almost over? This has been a busy summer! The stores have loaded up with school supplies and I have seen many parents with lists shopping already. As you check things off your lists - supplies, clothes, eye doctors, sports physicals, shoes, sports equipment, have you thought about brushing up on skills? We still have time, get that last vacation in now and then call me! Schedule 2 sessions each week for the next 4 weeks and for all new students as a back to school special offer, I will give you 2 sessions free! That's 10 sessions for the price of 8. That will carry you into the new school year with the confidence needed to start this year out right. To accommodate busy families, I can meet at your home, Fairview, or Prince Frederick Libraries, or at the Giant Food Store in the café area in the front. Do your shopping while your child is brushing up on needed skills! What could be better! Slots are filling and the special offer ends July 31st,... read more

Summer is for relaxing, rejuvenation, and fun! But, it is also for reading, practicing skills, and maybe picking up a few more to keep a step ahead next year. What would if be worth to you to send your Child to school this fall with the confidence of knowing their skills are not only grade level but just a step ahead? Just a few hours a week can make the difference in dreading next year or super confident if will be a Great Year! A couple of hours a week, yeah it is worth it. So now, you have decided, what are you waiting for? Call me! I will come to your home, meet at the Library, (you can pick up a few extra books while there), or even at my house. Could not be easier! What is worth? Knock! Knock!, your child's future is waiting! What's it worth?

Wow the 4th already! My Students have had fireworks going off this whole month! We have been working hard and the results are great. Let's keep the momentum going. I am available on the 4th, so we can continue with the sessions before we celebrate our wonderful Country! We have this month and a couple of weeks in August, so if you haven't set up your time....... call! Now is the time, you had a break, rested your mind, now back to the books. A couple of days a week will make such a big difference this fall. Build your skills and your confidence, in a few hours a week. Can you afford not to Call?

Well Summer is Finally here! Have you read any good books? Practiced some of those math concepts? Summer Projects? You have had a few days off, so let's get started! We can meet at your house or the Library. 1 or 2 hours a week will make a big difference this fall. You will be amazed at how prepared and ready for the next level or learning. Times are limited, so call now, and make a difference in how you feel about your educational needs. Tic-Toc!

I know Students And Parents are breathing a sigh of relief! Actually I am as well! So lets All take a breather, and relax for just a bit. But first we need to set up our Summer Schedule. Whaaaaaat? Yes, all that hard work paid off this year, so lets not slack now. 1 hour, one, two, or three times a week will keep you on top of your skills, and maybe pick up a few more to carry you into next year. Stay on top, catch up, practice, learn something new, and have fun, we can do it all and you can still have a enough time to enjoy your summer. I'm flexible, so give me a call today, we can set up a schedule that revolves around your busy summer hours. What are your waiting for? Summer is just around the corner, let's do this!

You! You have to participate in class, complete all assignments, and homework, keep a notebook with all your notes, participate in class, complete all class warm-ups, study for tests, and request help if you do not understand a concept! Oh, and participate in class!!!!! This is your last quarter, have you done these things? If not start now, and just see if your grade improves. Still need help? I have a few week-end hours open, and what is a few hours on the week-end if your grade needs improving? Call me, lets devise a plan to finish this year with a better grade. You can pass this year, but it is up to you!

Well... I think we all have Spring Fever anyway! And there are signs of green things growing everywhere. Spring Break is just around the corner as well. Do you have plans? If you are looking for some lesson refresher time, completing projects, reading time...I have time! There are several day time slots available, and some evenings as I move my students around to accommodate busy schedules. Call me...I am flexible. Lets use this free time wisely, and be prepared to go back to school and complete this last quarter with the confidence of knowing how to do the lessons. Happy Spring!

But... It is the middle of the school year. You held out this long, if grades are not improving, there is a good chance without help your child could be repeating this grade next year. The class is moving on, is your child stuck back in the first quarter material? Have you met with the teachers? Don't give up! Let's evaluate the problem, and work on a solution. Sometimes children do need to repeat a grade level, not passing could mean they were not ready to move on. But sometimes with extra help, one-on-one tutoring, they can catch up, understand the material and be ready to move on. Check out your options, meet with your child's teachers, have a family meeting, and then call me. Together we can build confidence, and skills. Tick, Tock!

What do you think when you hear these terms? Panic? Denial? Frustration? Think back, well a little further back, maybe ask your parents. These are new terms for something that has been around for a long time. Who were the obnoxious kids in your class or your parents class, maybe a little out of control, didn't quite fit in with the rest of the class. Yes, I had kids like this in my class. But, they were brilliant! Their ability to remember math facts, dates, ability to read material I did not want to read. They just could not sit still, and sometimes needed help with "people skills". ADD/ADHD has been around a long time, it now has a new name and a bunch of new drugs to counter the behavior. Your way to treating your Child's diagnosis medically is ONLY  between you and your Doctor. You also have to think about the behavior. What you do now will be with your child for the rest of their lives. Get all the facts, talk with other parents, this... read more

To an Awesome Start! Everyone is working hard, grades are looking good! Lets keep the momentum going. Parents, as hard as your child is working, I am in the background reviewing, planning lessons and ways to help your child improve their skills. I do understand illness, and last minute plans, but cancellations mean loss of income to me. Please remember to give at least 24 hour notice for each cancellation, this way I might be able to shift and fill the spot. Working together we can make this the best year yet. Thanks for all of your help, I look forward to working with each and every Family.

It's a Bright New Year, with many new learning experiences and opportunities! Embrace them all! I have seen so much growth and improvement in all my Students this year. It makes the possibilities of this New Year so exciting I can't wait to get started! Don't waste another minute, if you have not scheduled your time, call today a few slots are open. Remember, I do have some daytime hours for younger children, and if your child is home sick, I can help catch them up if they have missed time and assignments. Call, I am here to help each child meet their potential. Have a Super New Year! Diana

Twas the week before Christmas, Oh no! I haven't finished my Christmas Shopping yet! But that's OK I still have Christmas Eve. I have been busy with my Students. Booking every hour possible, I have a few left if anyone is looking for lessons between the Holidays. January 2013 I will be filling daytime hours with Pre-K Students, preparing for the rigors of Kindergarten. Register early, these times fill up fast! My warmest wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful start for the New Year!

It's ChristmasTime! Can you believe another year will soon be over? As we reflect on this years events and look forward to a bright new year, keep your childs' education in mind. There are so many opportunities we all need to take advantage of. There are so many educational games, cards, books, and even dvd's that would make great stocking stuffers, events to broaden your childs' mind and time spent just talking. And of course, your weekly tutoring sessions! During this free time between the holidays, I will be available and ready to work around your busy Christmas and New Years schedules. They have been working hard, but the long haul will be coming in January. Let's not slack now. Keep them sharp and ready for new challenges. Call, text, email, we can schedule a time that is convenient for you. As always, I am looking forward to working with you and your child in the coming New Year. Happy Holidays to everyone!

As Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season draws near, I want to take this time to thank all of my Students and Parents for the opportunity to work with each of you. We are all so busy, I buzz in and out of your lives on a weekly schedule, but I am not sure I have properly thanked you for allowing me to come to your home and work with your child. I am Thankful each time I see a light bulb go off and a students face lights up. I am Thankful for the progress each student is making. I am Thankful for the opportunity each new student gives me to work with them. I am Thankful for the supportive Parents, and the friendship extended to me. I am Thankful for this amazing job that allows me to work one-on-one with students. I am Thankful for WyzAnt, that allows me to reach students on a broader basis, their support team, and web site. I am blessed this season, and Thank each and everyone for a wonderful and prosperous year. I wish each of you all the success, prosperity... read more

The race is over, grades are in, how was your first report card? Are they a little lower than expected? Are you having trouble keeping up? It does not have to be this way, you are capable of getting great grades! So lets do a reality check...Did you hand in every assignment? You know they are a BIG part of your overall grade. How were your test grades? Did you Study? Do you understand the material? Well, maybe we need to reorganize before the next report card! Most parents talk about bad test grades and their child being unorganized. This is something that can be improved on with one-on-one tutoring a few times a week. I can teach your child skills that can help them improve their grades and build confidence in their abilities. Then sit back and watch the grades improve! They can do it, working together with your child we will prove it to them!

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