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For our second session, my student had a speech ready, PowerPoint slides in place and note cards in hand. It was time to take the first breath and begin his presentation. One deep breath. After a good introduction the rest of the presentation began to become rough...but we soon found a very simple solution. Outlining a speech and adding in talking points were the key for this student. A simple solution was all we needed for better transitions and dialogue that was much easier to follow. We spent an hour fixing up this presentation to make it more audience friendly and successfully made him more comfortable with it in the process. One aspect I found important was when he asked me, "why can't I just play a movie for them instead of giving this presentation?" My answer: The human element. In today's society we hide ourselves behind computer screens, detach ourselves from personal interaction by texting, and too often let others speak for us. What many people are missing... read more

Ahem. Non-verbally clearing my throat here, preparing a blog post for my first public speaking tutoring session. And honestly, it went fantastic. I met with my tutee in a Starbucks tonight to speak about his public speaking fears. As someone who has never had the assignment to stand in the spotlight and give a world renowned speech, it's understandable he is afraid of public speaking. But my words of advice, as passed down from the professors of Bloomsburg University, "Own your speech. Bask in the limelight for a second, because right now it's your time to have the stage." This thought may scare some, but if you have something you need to say, why not take the initiative, because in reality, your audience does not have too many options, other than sit there and listen to you. So take charge of your speech. Own it. And make it enjoyable for them too. We worked tonight on the 5 basics of speech giving: Finding a purpose, knowing the importance of research, supporting... read more

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