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Sundar, Because I do not know where your understanfing is breaking down, I'm going to start at the beginning. 1) USING MATH LANGUAGE PROPERLY: Make sure you understand the meaning of the symbols you see on the page.  It helps to write the equations out in proper math language...


Math didn't always use symbols--when it was first imported from Arabs, algebraic "sentences" were written out in words. For example, instead of "x," the phrase "the unknown thing" was used. Try writing your math notes in plain Elnglish for a day, and you may understand...


Flash cards can be a great way to help you memorize information, but there are ways to maximize their potential. Here are some of my suggestions: * Make your own flashcards. The act of writing something down thoughtfully is part of what helps you remember the fact. * Draw or paste a picture on the flashcard. Make it something memorable--surprising, funny, even gross. Every time you use... read more