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During my senior year at the United States Air Force Academy, I was boxing against a Golden Gloves fighter who I wasn't supposed to beat. Luckily for me, I didn't know this guy had that type of experience. I falsely believed I was better than he was and went out into the ring with the attitude that I was going to win. I wasn't bad, but I was no Golden Gloves fighter either. That night--call it a combination of determination and luck, coupled fortunately with my lack of knowledge about how good this guy was--I won by a unanimous decision. This type of thing doesn't happen every time obviously, but I'm convinced that if I had known I was outclassed, I would have, in my mind found an excuse to lose, and I may have subconsciously, or perhaps even consciously fought like it, and I most definitely would have lost. Instead, I went out there really believing--not just saying it--but really believing I was going to win, and I fought like it. That night, against all odds, I won decisively... read more

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