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"What is your number one suggestion to help students avoid summer learning loss this summer?" Awesome, new tutoring poll question on WyzAnt Tutoring today! 95% of people chose to answer, too! Excellent! My response to students continuing their lessons this summer is to keep a summer journal and write in it on a scheduled basis. If you, student, enjoy writing, then write daily! You could write for just a few minutes, or more, depending on your interest, time, and dedication. Writing in a journal on a minimum weekly basis is a great way to keep up your practice. Depending on your choice of subject, you could choose to write about your personal experiences, how you feel about a piece of literature, or log information and data on the topic you are learning right into your summer journal! Maybe you're interested in science or art. Find a book, movie, or other resource to dive into and express your thoughts about it! The possibilities are endless with journaling. Start... read more

Hi WyzAnt readers, I'd love to start blogging my tutoring experiences. This is to keep a record for myself, my students, and other teachers and people of interest. I am here on WyzAnt to get experience teaching students of all ages in as many subjects as possible. I love reading, writing, and literary subjects. I have been a student for 22 years, and after finishing my degree in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, I am interested in giving back to the community. I have had minimal experience helping friends with editing their papers or talking them through situations, but tutoring one-on-one is new for me! I appreciate all feedback and critique so I can produce the best results for my students. My first session with N was excellent! N is a special needs student-adult in need of help organizing thoughts from mind to paper. Isn't it easy to think or talk about something, but sometimes that same subject proves difficult once trying to really express it? All writers can... read more

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