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One of the common challenges for many Algebra students is forgetting important concepts from Pre-Algebra. So many students complain that they never fully learned fractions, decimals and percentages or ratios, rates and applying math to word problems. Without solid memorization of multiplication & division tables, factoring and simplifying are much more difficult. A better understanding of the basics, including learning different methods and shortcuts, can not only boost confidence but can improve grades and SAT scores. Spend time with a tutor or use different websites to review topics from previous years. It will help, exponentially!

Most students that struggle in math find Algebra is when things "start to get difficult". This is very common because Algebra brings all the basic rules of arithmetic together. If you were relieved when the chapter on decimals or fractions was over, it turns out it is never over. The good news is that math concepts are all linked together and there is usually more than one way to solve a problem. Get help from a tutor that can assess your style of learning and teach in a way you can understand, remember, and apply beyond school.

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