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Especially in the language areas (French, Spanish, and English), there are lots of ways to stay current or to at least keep aspects of your learning fresh. In the case of foreign language, whenever possible, watch a news program or a weather cast in the foreign language. It is also a good idea to watch children's shows i.e. Dora in Spanish. Reading a newspaper is a wonderful way to maintain reading, learning and analytical skills. Listening to foreign language tapes either in the car, or just before you go to sleep also helps. For those of you who are more inventive or creative, practice having conversations before a mirror. Just make it up as you go. Watch yourself in the mirror. As you encounter vocabulary that you don't know or that you have forgotten, you can look it up, and thereby add to your vocabulary. From time to time review your flash cards or your class notes, or class tests. This is very important a week or two before school begins.

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