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So when dealing with students it is very important to be aware of their different learning styles. Just like personalities are different, so are the ways that students take in and process new information. They may be visual learners or lean more toward auditory learning. The best things I can do as a tutor is get out of their way and let the student get comfortable in their style. This is done by actively listening to what your student is telling you. They are giving you cues as to how they learn best and will sometimes just come right out and tell you, "I learn best by doing it." With coding and creative software where you are given a large selection of tools and not always an obvious place to start, sometimes it helps to give a student choices. "Would you like to watch me layout a new design, or would you like to try one yourself?" While I generally try and have the student "drive the bus" and do everything themselves for some students they want to see... read more

Lately I've been working with some really great clients. The people of Austin are generally friendly and warm and my clients have most definitely fit this description. Sometimes I am welcomed into their homes where I'm introduced to family members and pets and genuinely treated with respect and kindness. This is one of the great things about tutoring. The variety of people that I get to interact with is amazing. Everyone has their own stories and tribulations and yet they continue with their lives and continuously challenge themselves. Some of my clients are older, professional people who are learning new skills and delving into unknown subjects not only just for their professions but for their personal satisfaction, to enhance their skills and keep using their brains. I find this inspirational and I appreciate each and every one of the people I have had the pleasure to work with. Thank you for reaching out and striving forward for your own betterment. You have all been great teachers... read more

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