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My approach is to focus on each student's individual strengths. Together we discover ways to enhance study strategies, organization, and learning. The focus is always on the individual learner--how he or she engages with the course content. One size does not fit all when it comes to “study skills.” A few basics may be similar for everyone, but my goal as a tutor is to address individual needs with a plan that is geared to the student I'm assisting. Each student has academic needs that are unique, and students seek tutoring for different reasons: - To catch up - To keep up - To get ahead - Enrichment - Stimulation - Motivation I work with students and parents to discover a level of tutoring tailored to the goals, personality, and strengths of the individual student. Please contact me for additional information.

The best time to ask for help is immediately. It's true in all circumstances, no matter what course or project you're working on. It's true no matter how much or how little background you have in a topic. Get an early start, and address issues head-on. From years of experience, I know that seeking EARLY assistance is the single best action any student can take. Being proactive is the first step to mastery!

FIVE TIPS FOR DEVELOPING SKILL: Tip #1. Practice: Practice with homework problems and with problems in your textbook. As with any new skill, practice leads to increased competence. Tip #2. Keep your sense of humor: Anxiety may be your worst enemy in learning statistics. It's difficult to think clearly if you're surrounded by a cloud of panic. Do try to keep statistics in perspective and even look for ways to make the coursework fun for yourself. Should you find yourself overwhelmed, contact me or another tutor to help you get back on track. Tip #3. Be patient with yourself: Learning statistics is very much like learning a new language. Early on you don't have enough knowledge to speak in complete sentences, but as your learning and skills grow so will your fluency. Thus, be patient with yourself as you learn the introductory concepts necessary for the development of statistical competence. Tip #4. Ask questions: It's impossible for your tutor to know that you don't... read more

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