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I began tutoring in college and my first students were two young ladies from Taiwan whose English was limited and a young man who was blind from birth. The challenge for me with the two girls was to describe the concepts of computer science in terms of they could understand. I found that using analogies was an excellent way for them to understand computers. They would translate my explanations into Chinese in their text books. Their sessions were during the lunch hour and I had an apple that I hadn't finished. I started to eat it and they both stared at me because they didn't know what it was. They had never seen a green apple before. We all had a good laugh. They were a delight to teach. The blind student was a different challenge. His experience with things we take for granted was limited but I was still able to explain to him concepts. During a staff meeting, my mentor asked if I had any difficulties due to his blindness that I wanted to address. Before I could say no, a fellow... read more

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