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I am excited that Fall is just around the corner. Kids get their reading lists, and I am ready to make reading fun. Most people see Spring as the time for new growth, but for me it is Fall because this is where learning begins again. Yesterday, as I was walking near my home, I stopped to chat with a young mother and her daughter. Her daughter was eating blue bubble gum flavored ice cream, it looks like it, so I asked. It was a beautiful day, and I told the mom that I had just finished a session with an exciting new client, and then the mom asked me if I understood how to help with tracking. This is when the child can read and understand, but may not be able to keep his or her place when given a large piece of text. I gave the mom 2 ideas I would like to share. I often make what I call a reading window from an index card, and use a blade to cut a window that is the same dimension of a line of text. This helps students whose eyes simply see too many words. With diligence,the number... read more

Happy Summer anyone and everyone! These days with the changes in insurance coverage for children with special needs, I just wanted to emphasize that I am available during the unstructured months of summer! I also have some fun projects planned: I love to make jewelry, so I will. I inherited a love of lapidary from my grandfather. It is as simple as possible, and more about color and texture for me. I love tourmalines! I love chrome diapsode, and I use cheap materials otherwise. I also have a creative plan to design my own superhero cards. I am an old nerd at heart, and will certainly include a Spock card. Have fun and keep your skills up over the summer!

Most people believe that this is an unlucky day, but not me. I think it all started in France when they found and killed a very skilled Alchemist. This had nothing to do with magic or the black arts. Alchemy was a precursor to chemistry. "In the Middle Ages. The historical records say that Jacques de Molay Grand Master of the Templars was arrested on October 13th, 1307 AD – a Friday. Eventually he was executed in 1314 AD. Hence, Friday the 13th, is considered to be an unlucky day in Europe." [from Paulo Coelho's blog] This is why I am not fearful on this day. The Templars did have secret experiments, but only because it was considered heresy to do these experiments. New ideas were considered a danger to the church. It may have been a bad day for Alchemy, but it survived to become what we now know as Chemistry!

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