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It has been an amazing and fun journey to work for WyzAnt. I have really enjoyed tutoring students; each student has led me down a different path of need in topic and learning style. I find my mind grows with every student. I love the challenge and diversity. Some students have been uneasy when we first meet; this is natural because I think they feel bad that they do not know their grammar and English as well as they should know it. However, I believe that those who ask for help from others are actually the smartest and strongest people. It takes courage and energy to take that step to improve yourself. So, welcome students! And thank you students! Let's keep learning, and as my name indicates - enjoy. - Marlene Joy M.

Some words in the English language are constantly misunderstood and misused. If corrected, you will show  your grammatical knowledge. Two of these misunderstood words are "might" and "may." The first states that something could possibly occur and the second states that someone has permission to do something. For example: The keg might explode if he lights it with that flame. The boy's father said, "You may light the keg with the match."

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