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How to do a Re-Capthca form in PHP I will be explaining the following material assuming you have little or no experience in PHP, if that is not the case, skip the Ingredients Section: I must say that to do this form there is a lot of "prep-work" but once you have all the ingredients you should be good to go: Ingredients A re-captcha public and private key, by going to and signing up, etc. After signing up you will be given a bunch of files for you to save A form.php already working and with validation functions in JavaScript already implemented (Since I assumed you have no experience doing this please go here to learn how in this link) Contactus.php: The web page and the interface users see and interact with in every page Note: you can easily make this page in HTML and then using Dreamweaver or even the fantastic Kompozer you can change the extension to PHP. Contactus2.html (or php): The web page users will see if the... read more

Network Plus + Review for the exam FTP uses 20 for data and 21 for control SSH uses port 22 for ex. establish a remote connection to a client computer Telnet uses port 23 SMTP uses 25 DNS uses 53 UDP 69 console port to a switch HTTP uses 80 SMTP uses 110 POP3 uses 110 Port 119 allows the pass of newsfeeds VoIp uses UDP Traffic NTP uses 123 HTTPS uses 443 secure network device communications IGMP will help reduce multicast flooding on a layer 2 switch TLS ensures that data is transmitted securely over an IP network HTTPS and SSH encrypt packets over the internet IPv6 128 bits IPv4 Four octets (3 digit numbers) from 1 to 255 is a broadcast address, not a subnet mask as it uses all bits MAC address has 48 bits for example for a workstation 00:08:38:05:B5:F4 (starts 00 and ends with two letter-number pairs) As exercise conver 192 to Binary 11000000 As exercise convert 192... read more

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