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I'm really excited about WyzAnt's developing online platform. I've done a few remote lessons for small groups and am looking forward to getting more experience. I'm planning on offering a reduced rate for my first few students and/or free introductory sessions (~15 minutes) to help clients decide if this is a good fit for them.

I currently have one "come to you" slot left in my tutoring schedule on Thursday evenings 7:00-8:00 and two "come to me" slots on Tuesdays. Most of my clients are long term, so I don't foresee that changing until January 2013. Best of luck to everyone in their searches!

Don't procrastinate! Barron's has some great SAT review material if you would like to use something in a book format; for the more computer oriented learner check out the resources on Take that diagnostic and set up a study schedule ASAP!

For many students Algebra 2 will be one of the most challenging classes of their high school career; especially second semester where the bulk of the new concepts lie for most textbook aligned courses. Start this grading period by flipping through the remainder of your math book and asking yourself these questions: How many concepts do I recognize? How many topics are completely new to me? How does the ratio of "recognized : completely new" compare with the material you covered first semester? If there is a big difference between the two then be proactive about how to adjust your approach instead of being caught in a panic six weeks from now. Plan more time for homework, start or join a study group with classmates, ask your teacher about online resources for your textbook series, and/or do a little research on local tutors.

Over the years of my education career I've noticed a few things that hold true for most students who struggle with math. One of the most common of these is test anxiety; next in frequency is disorganization/poor study skills. Understand these are not causes for lack of understanding, but more symptoms which influence a students grade in a negative way.

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