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Oh com' on! Who hasn't been there? I know you have. He's been there. She's been there. You know exactly what I'm talking about. It's that inclination we all get when we don't really want to face something big, overwhelming and difficult, like preparing for a Test. But avoiding it is not the answer. Even YOU know that. But you do it anyways. So, in celebration of the Habit that's kind of getting old, it's time to look at it straight in the eye and face it head on. Yep, NO TIME to put on those rose-colored glasses. Benefit #1 - Nervous Jitters Somehow, you feel your heart pounding louder and louder as the clock ticks happily away to Test Day. Benefit #2 - Brain Talk You wanted to take a road trip to The Burning Man, instead, your brain won’t stop giving you the ‘Guilt Trip’ Benefit #3 - Intestinal Butterflies You may get unlimited trips to the bathroom, just because the only thing your brain knows is that you haven’t really mastered anything yet Benefit... read more

I hated school. I didn't like Elementary cuz I was a sickly kid with asthma whose family doctor sternfully instructed her Momma not to allow her to go out and play with the other kids at recess. Can you imagine being deprived of the fun and excitement of the best time of the day?! I didn't like High School, cuz I looked like a Geek with my thick glasses, the yucky space between my front teeth and my cropped short, blunt-cut hair that made me feel like Nancy, the cartoon character's twin sister. The other half that newspaper publishers didn't want the public to see. And I never imagined I'd make it through College, since I always thought I was a "BAD" student. A terrible one who hated school. Fact of the matter is, I didn't hate school. Maybe I thought I did, but I really didn't. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. Yes, I had friends. Can you believe that? Maybe because I never really cared that I had ugly hair. I thought, even if my glasses were so... read more

It's not uncommon to see co-workers chit-chatting by the office water cooler. If you were the office Fly, you'd notice that their little 5 (to 30) minute get togethers usually center around how the new accounting gal got her job when she thought A/P meant After Party, or how they noticed the legal assistant spending more closed door time with his high powered, sexy Boss. Sometimes they talk about work. Seriously? Yep, until after they discuss the details of the weekend's hockey scores or their boyfriend's crazy ex-wife's latest stalking antics. The summer heat hasn't really been helping out either. People usually get irritable, cranky and downright rude. So if you've been contemplating on putting together a few Motivational courses for your office team, you're in for a Treat! You heard that right. Treat them to a unique approach in corporate training by creating exercises, group modalities and departmental programs with the Summer Vacation Theme in mind. Empower each member... read more

...that you have made a life-changing decision to 'party' with the Digital World. Yes, it is a whole lot of FUN! I have been a professional computer software trainer since 1993 and back then, the world didn't really have as much 'apps', short for Application. You've heard this before...Garbage In, Garbage Out. It was an old saying used by computer geeks back in the days when Fortran and Cobol programming was 'cool'. Although it meant whatever you program in is what you should expect to see as a result, nowadays, it can be simplified to mean, "Careful what you download". For starters, you are probably overwhelmed by all the information you are exposed to and you know what? I don't blame you. I've trained hundreds, no thousands of adults who have never or rarely used a computer before for many reasons...they had a secretary who did all the work, they had a son who installed Windows, they preferred fishing on a real pond than fishing on eHarmony, the personal reasons... read more

Learning The Art of Accountability in Learning and Development Let's face it. We do things better when we hold ourselves accountable for what we do, to others, including ourselves. This is a big deal. The main reason many students fail is because they do not hold themselves accountable for the results. From an informal survey I conducted with over 200 students, they told me that half the time they don’t know what they are being held accountable for. In my tutoring sessions, each and every one of my students are held accountable for the results of their Tutoring sessions with me. It works because I see the changes, the transformation, and the changes whenever I take a student under my wing. Here’s one great tip. Learn to manage your time and be accountable to yourself for the amount of time you spend on each and every task you do all throughout the day. Clock yourself when you check your email, log on to Facebook, hangout with your friends on Google+,... read more

Unlearning the Art of Doubting Yourself Don't worry, you're not alone. We all get it once in a while. It's the little voice inside us that creates a crippling feeling called 'doubt'. It's the overpowering desire to prove something, someplace or someone before we make a decision. When you allow Doubt to creep in and cloud your judgment, it stops you from doing what you need to accomplish. When you allow yourself to be paralyzed by Doubt, remember that you simply gave it too much power. And, when you allow this horrible monster to speak louder than your heart, you close the door to many possibilities.

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