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Recently, I was asked if I would communicate with a student's teachers to get the student's assignment. The parents were both very concerned because their child was not preparing for his exams or turning in homework. The lack of study skills is quite disconcerting to a tutor because the discipline to learn is not a trait, but itself a learned behavior. How does one tackle this problem? The first step is to determine WHY the student is not studying. There are many reasons why your child is not turning in his homework and struggling on tests. Some of which are: 1) Too much distractions at home or school (i.e. TV, Video games, texting, poor choice of friends, etc). 2) Low self-esteem - possibly he has been bullied or teased for too long. 3) He was passed along without having a firm grasp of the previous grade level material. 4) Lack of motivation 5) Bad habits introduced by peer pressure or otherwise. 6) Lack of discipline - if he does not understand the long term... read more

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