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 While the answer to that question is clearly a matter of debate, one thing that researchers seem to agree on is that bilinguals can outperform their monolingual counterparts on a number of cognitive skills, including the ability to multitask. Furthermore, bilingual brains appear to be healthier and therefore better equipped to cope with diseases such as Alzheimer’s. These are additional benefits to the obvious advantages of being able to navigate between two cultures, and having broader opportunities in this competitive job market. Ellen Bialystok, a renowned cognitive neuroscientist and Distinguished Research Professor at York University in Toronto, has devoted her career to studying the bilingual brain. She has found that in individuals who are fluent in two languages both languages are always active. Since the “executive center” – the part of the brain that plans and organizes behavior-is constantly deciding which language to use at any given moment. This serves as a form... read more

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