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Besides tuning your guitar which you must learn to do immediately for proper enjoyment of the instrument for you and anyone who will be hearing you practice, you must also learn how to take proper care of your instrument. First of all treat it with respect. Keep a clean soft cotton or chamise in the guitar case and wipe the guitar down before and after playing it. Pay particular attention to the strings and fingerboard as the oils and dirt from your fingers can have a corrosive effect on the wood as well as the metal of the strings. The cleaner your strings are, the easier it will be to play the guitar and less abrasive to your fingers. Besides wiping it down every once in a while you should polish the guitar with a recommended guitar or violin polish (I use "FiddleBrite") and a clean cloth. Follow the instructions on the bottle. When you acquire the guitar you should make sure that it is set up (preferably by a professional at least the first time). This means... read more

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