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If 1.5 is a number, then there is a number between 1 and 2. How many sides to a brick? Four. Check again. Math, or is it mathematics, has rules. So 2 + 2 = 4 always. It's a law. But what about spelling rules? Here's one: I before E. So we get-believe, reprieve, sieve, and decieve. Oops! Spell check threw a red line under decieve. There is an exception to the rule. So now we have I before E except after C. So decieve is actually spelled deceive. Speaking of red: I don't like red apples. I have read many books. I will read many books. The pith of a reed was used by ancients to create writing material. Is it capital or capitol? What about stationery and stationary? Strawberry shortcake is a great desert! Nope. Two S's in dessert. Just think of Strawberry Shortcake (two S's). The desert is barren. It has only one S. Eat. I eat food. Sweet! "Don't sweat the small stuff." But sweat has eat, so why isn't sweat pronounced sweet? A room that is 10ft... read more

The complaints against WyzAnt’s 40% commission demands a response. Suppose a tutor with 15 hours of work time through WyzAnt charges $40 an hour. Of that amount, WyzAnt will automatically deduct $16. This deduction is based on WyzAnt’s commission rate, which is 40% for the first 20 hours of work time. So the tutor is not earning $40 an hour; rather, the tutor is earning $24 an hour. According to a number of individuals, WyzAnt’s 40% commission rate is too high, way above average. Some folks, oddly enough, have even posted complaints on other websites. Why? Here's some food for thought. 1. Twenty-four dollars an hour is higher than any state’s hourly minimum wage. 2. You can create your website for tutors and charge a lower commission. 3. If you tutor for an hour you will be paid $24. 4. If you don’t tutor for an hour you will not be paid $24. 5. Twenty-four dollars is more than zero dollars. 6. You don’t have to stay with WyzAnt, but before you leave... read more

AP Advance Placement CAHSEE California High School Exit Exam CBEST California Basic Educational Skills Test CHSPE California High School Proficiency Exam CLEP College Level Examination Program CSET California Subjects Exam for Teachers DAT Dental Admission Test GED test of General Education Development GMAT Graduate Management Admissions Test GRE Graduate Record Examination HSPT High School Placement Test ISEE Independent School Entrance Exam LSAT Law School Admission Test MCAT Medical Admission Test PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test SAT Scholastic Assessment Test SSAT Secondary School Admission Test TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language TSE Test of Spoken English Here’s my unofficial abbreviation for the various subject exams given by WyzAnt for tutor certification: WASPE WyzAnt Subject Proficiency Exam

Completing your homework is one thing, studying it is another. Studying will have you testing yourself as you read the material. Studying will fill your memory with facts, with answers. Studying will give you better grades. Practice is essential to success. Practice is like adding brick to a brick wall, it creates and builds and strengthens. By practice you develop and build skills. Professionals are professionals because they have practiced, practiced, practiced. Practice is essential to success. Want to be good at math? Practice. Work at it. The difference between winning and losing is practice. The more practice there is, the better the results there will be. Practice makes perfect.

You have a science paper due on Monday. History test and math packet due on Tuesday. English project group meeting Wednesday after school. Homework to complete. Chores on Saturday. And you want to spend time with a friend. Use a student planner. Be specific with the time. Include day/date and time/hour. Specifying the hour in your planner creates an actual appointment, and appointments are not made to be broken. During the week, your friend calls, wanting to come over and watch a movie with you on Saturday at 1:00 pm. You look at your planner. It shows you will be completing your history reading assignment at that time; you suggest 3:00 pm to your friend. It’s Saturday, 3:00 pm. Your friend knocks at the door. What’s that? You say you’re feeling great, relaxed, at ease. Oh yes. That’s part of the reward of scheduling, and sticking to it. You've read and studied the chapter for your history class. You finished your chores. Now you can really enjoy a movie. When are... read more

As a student, you just want to be able to focus. You do want to complete your homework. You try. So you take a seat at the kitchen table. You open your textbook and read. You struggle through two boring paragraphs. Good. But then out of the blue you feel a need to clear the table. You just feel better when your study area is clear. Okay. So you clear the table. Good. You return to reading. It’s a struggle. And you still have 5 more pages to read. You lift your book close to your face to see only the words. Two minutes later, you lower the book to the table. You fumble through the pages. Eventually, you return to reading. You struggle through another paragraph. It’s a familiar cycle. You just want to be able to focus. You see other students hand in their homework. It’s neat. It’s complete. It’s always that way. You ask: How are they able to focus? Don’t they get distracted? You learn they do, but the distraction is minimal. That’s it: You have no self-discipline, no self-control... read more

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