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If a student is having problems in more than one subject, maybe he/she needs help developing good study skills instead of tutoring in the individual subjects. Is your student having trouble completing homework assignments? What does the teacher say about the student's class participation or the accuracy of homework submitted? If there are no problems with the accuracy of homework or class participation, it may be study skills when preparing for tests. I can help your child develop mnemonic devices (memory tricks) to help him/her through tests.

When writing your answers to the essay portion of your exam, you may be presented with more than one issue. One will be dispositive of the issue, but one or more may be red herrings. You need to address those red herrings and state your reasons for dismissing those issues as red herrings. If you are taking the BRI review, try writing an answer for some of the essay questions. I can review your answers and make suggestions.

I've been tutoring city college students through Wyzaid. One student requested "math" help. I am certified in basic math, pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. The student actually needed a tutor in statistics. I helped tutored her on writing for her English class. The more information you supply regarding the type of tutoring needed, the better your chances of finding the right tutor.

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