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It takes self-discipline and determination to have a good work ethic especially when there is so much competing for your attention today. However, it is possible to be a focused student. My parents were consistent in holding firm to their beliefs to have high expectations for both my brother and myself. I believe that it was the structure they provided for us to get up early and work for whatever you want to obtain. They taught us the importance of waiting patiently for outcomes you desire in life. You will have to go through the process of being made. Not everything will work out the way you expect at times but hold on and persevere and you will make it. These were the statements we've heard consistently through my parents. It takes sacrifice to get to where you want to go and in the long run you will reap the benefits from all of your hard work.

Repetition is the key to improving word recognition with students having difficulty in reading. The more exposure students have with words the more those words become familiar to them. Helping them to recognize words in different print type and anywhere increases reading skills. Word cards like flash cards are an interesting way to help our struggling readers to repeat and retry words they need to be familiar with. I remember my mother reading to me at the early age of 3. I still can remember parts of the story and how the pages would turn as she read. I remember emulating trying to read the story myself based upon the short term memory after she left the book in my lap. Even riding on a subway train in Philadelphia, Pa. she would ask me what does this word say? I would recall that word from what I remembered seeing it in a book. Parents can give children a love for reading by introducing new stories and re-reading old ones. Stories expose us to new words, new experiences and helps... read more

The phrase that I remember since I was in elementary school and frequently saw the posters through out several Institutions of Learning was "Your Mind Is Like A Parachute. It Only Works If It Is Open". That phrase always stuck with me. Sometimes in life we often get stuck with the notion that when something is too difficult we don't venture out to make any attempts to master the skill. We struggle because our minds are closed to believing that we can be achieve or accomplish that difficult task. But if we open our minds to the possibilities, and maybe try it at another approach, or see it in a different way, the possibility of overcoming that difficult task won't seem as difficult but obtainable. And oh, what sense of accomplishment that will be if our attitudes are willing to be persistent and be willing to persevere through the adversity. Is your mind like a parachute?

Yes I love knowing how my students learn best. Each one is different and are diverse in whole. Students come with different gifts and talents and their specialties can be used to plan a lesson around their learning style whether visual, kinestic, listening etc. It's all in the approach you utilize to deliver the information. For students who are kinesthetic it's always good to plan your lesson with the idea of a hands on approach or some sort of group activity where students can get up and move. It takes a little creativity and willingness to implement it but once you introduce it to your students they usually take it on and the lesson flourishes. For students who are visual it's important to present information and include materials with illustrations or diagrams or some sort of pictures. Students who are verbal/linguistic are stimulated by a word rich environment and activities that include challenging words.

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