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Dear future students: I find that those students who really want to watch their budget usually are aware of how to be ready for tutoring before the tutor arrives. I offer this little tip to help students save on tutoring expenses. More can be accomplished, if both tutor and student are both well-prepared. In these economic times, most of us need to watch our money flow, and most of us need to be as thrifty as we are able. If you are ready to go when the tutor arrives, you will use your time more efficiently. :-) To summarize, be as prepared as possible before the tutor arrives. For little ones, have pencils all sharpened, the study table organized, and any water or snacks ready for the child to nibble on. For young adults and adults, be sure you know what you wish to cover during the tutoring session. This includes having any revisions of your writing (plus the first draft) available, with a copy for yourself and one for the tutor. Have your pencils, pens, erasers, white-out,... read more

I assign homework, usually in order to improve the quality of each successive tutoring session, and to help move along the goals set by the parent / student and me (tutor). It is like a follow-up, in many ways. Sometimes (as with an K-6 student), I will ask the student to work on multiplication tables, or to make some flashcards, or to bring a book to read. These are things we write down at the end of the lesson or throughout the lesson, after doing an activity related to the follow-up or HW. With an 18-year old, studying independently for an ASVAB test, I always make specific requests of her, but also ask her if she thinks the HW will help her or if she thinks she will do it. I will remind her of our goals (really her goals) and then clearly (and often) explain how the HW will get her closer to her goals. For example, one student is working hard on vocabulary, but I remind her that research will say that the best way to learn new words is via reading. This is a challenge if a... read more

I would like to see such a tool for several subjects (math, writing, test prep, etc.) and to see what "student-friendly" (and tutor-friendly) features you have or plan to build into these tools. I would like to see a robust conversation / discussion about the benefits and the challenges inherent in these tools. Above all, I would like to see how tutors and students can use these tools (if so desired) to download, print, and share during face-to-face tutoring, i.e., not just online, but on paper. For example, at the moment, I have a student with ONLY ONLINE material for a challenging math class and he would have much better chances of succeeding in the class if he had a whole range of tools, not just the online tools. There are so many reasons for a person NOT to have online access for a class, even within the student's own home. Many public places limit access to wi-fi services (e.g., "timing out") and so, if we would have the option of printing a sheet of exercises... read more

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