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Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to give a quick shout to everyone on Applied Arts. I am certified on WyzAnt as an Art History tutor. But, I also do Applied Arts. Applied Arts focuses on the "doing" of the art versus the "by-the-book" method of Art History. In Applied Arts students hone in on their ability to create! They are taught different techniques (which ties closely to Art History), the process of design, choosing and handling different mediums, etc. It is all around a more hands on approach to learning art. As the instructor I find that, grade school students are in an Applied Arts range. Going further into middle school & high school ages should be focusing more on Art History. None of this means that Art History can't be HANDS ON! :-) I just wanted to give a blurb on my thoughts regarding the two different art classes. I hope everyone is having a fantastically creative and productive day! Mrs. P :-)

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