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Here is a link to the new AZ Merit test that will be given from March 30th through May 8th 2015. Try the sample test and see what its like!  

I am teaching a physics lesson.  

I often get requests for tutoring that are outside my radius of travel so I am considering offering lessons online. If you have a computer with a camera and a microphone then this might work for you. Please contact me for more information.  Go to  

Tutoring with me on a regular basis is beneficial in several ways. First, the regular contact keeps me "in sync" with what you are learning and provides valuable insight to each session. Not only is it easier for me to know what to expect when I come to tutor, but also it allows me to work on deeper levels of learning. According to Benjaimin Bloom1, learning has six levels. The lowest level of learning (knowledge) is to simply recall what was immediately read or done. This level of learning can be forgotten within minutes or hours. On the other hand, the second highest level of learning developed is called "synthsis" where you can develop new types of scenarios and answer them in novel ways. When you have learned at this level it can last a lifetime! Second, our student-tutor relationship is maintained. As a tutor I value each and every student and their development. I like to know what your goals are and how I can help you achieve those goals. Without... read more

Since I started tutoring seven years ago I have learned about brain development and how students gain math skills. I have seen time and again where a student will not learn a concept (such as operations with fractions) and then suddenly gains the skill and "gets it". This sudden gain in skill actually came from two things - repeated effort and time for brain development. When a person thinks the brain constantly makes electrical connections. If a concept is previously learned that connection in the brain is already established. However, if there has been no previous connection it takes repeated firing of the brain cells to make those connections stick. This is where the effort comes in. You actually are wiring your brain! Students need to keep trying and do as much work as they can in order to get those strong connections! It’s pretty exciting to see those moments happen in a tutoring session!

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