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The 2013-2014 school year has begun for most school districts. Some started on Monday, while others started later this week; however, there are many more schools in other states that start after Labor Day. Students are excited to have a new beginning in their education. Parents have tried to equip them with all of the things that they believe will help them be prepared and excel. Those things included books and supplies, advice, instructions for structured day, healthy food, prayers, and much more. Regardless of whatever may have happened in previous years, each student has the opportunity to make a positive year and great success!

As the SCHOOL YEAR rapidly approaches the corner, parents/guardians are planning, shopping, and attending meetings to ensure that their children are ready for school. When the first week is over, everything seems to start settling down. Either way, there seems to be an exciting and agreed upon plan for students to make the best grades, to be on their best behavior, and have the best and most productive year. Food is a critical element that cannot be forgotten, or seriously considered when creating and carrying out steps to have children succeed! Hence, careful attention needs to be put at the forefront, when preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Children use a lot of energy and have depleted nutrients. In order for the children to be "refueled" each day, it is critical they have at their finger-tips and mouths, the best food for their systems. So, parents, make sure that identifying and purchasing foods that "truly" nourish the body and soul of your child... read more

Good morning!!! It's Friday!!! We have all made it through a long week - full of needs, duties, expectations, standards, stress, advice, friendships, and more. Well, at the end of all of that is a day - Friday - that allows us to sigh and become excited about all of the possible fun for the next two days. Please remember to pray, relax, eat nutritional food, rest, maintain peace, and embrace serenity and love! We will be refreshed for another 5 days of business and educational goals and objectives!!! Take care, love yourself, love what you do, and do it for the benefit of all!!! ~Dr. Tina

Hello Everyone! The summer has been going by very fast! It is July - already!!! Well, as we take time to sit back, and make reflections of all of the work and time invested in our educational and professional pursuits, we learn what things we would like to add, delete, or change. Since schools closed in June, I have been working passionately and diligently to review, reflect, and plan for the upcoming year. My tasks have included researching current policies, meeting with key stakeholders, increasing and nurturing networks, as well as integrating more engaging and results-oriented techniques, strategies, and methodologies. As a matter-of-fact, the professional development hours and workshops undertaken have been totally informative, applicable, and fun! When coming back into the full swing of the school year, I will have the 2013 up-to-date resources, data, and specialized skills set. In turn, this will transfer to your educational needs, objectives, and our plan-of-action... read more

I am sooooooooooo proud of my students and their supportive families in striving towards educational success and prosperity!!!!! My parents are wonderful to work with as we "hike and explore the roughest terrains and caves" of the educational arena. We have had to work together, have deep conversations, develop creative ideas, work long days and nights, and continue to hold each precious child at the forefront of it all. STUDENTS AND PARENTS, YOU HAVE MADE ME SO PROUD OF YOUR HARD WORK, DEDICATION, AND WILLINGNESS TO STAY ON THIS MOST CHALLENGING ROAD WITH ME!!!

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