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Depending on the professor, organization of mathematical data may not be as crucial as arriving at the correct answer. However, data organization is crucial to mathematical reasoning in general. It is important that a student develop good organization for their sake, those who may be assisting them, and those that grade their assignments, quizzes and exams. Thus it is important for a tutor to assist their students in both areas. A little correction in the area of organization and assistance with critical thinking where necessary is highly important.

Have you ever really thought what kind of visual tools you need to see an animal? God created some organisms to be super tiny. Some of these organisms we call animals because they are unicellular. Many unicellular organisms, including those in the animal kingdom, survive by utilizing nutrition from their environment around them. These animals may be small, but you do not want to get into a fight with them. Many of them cause great detriment to the human. These animals are so amazing that they can wipe out whole organisms. The great thing about studying zoology is that you get to study large organisms as well. The massive size of whales, some birds, etc. astounds me. I cannot even begin to imagine what creatures we have not even begun to discover such as the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and perhaps even Dinosaurs still alive today. I am baffled, yet excited at the prospect that there are creatures out there that we have yet to discover. What kind of impact, good or bad, do these... read more

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