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Commodities Act I: What are they? I'm personally a strategic asset allocation, buy-and-hold, re-balance quarterly type of investor. This makes me boring and not care about what is happening in the markets. It helps me sleep at night too. The downside is whenever I hear about commodity funds achieving huge returns while the stock market has lingered at the same value for 10 years, I ask myself should I look into this a little more? So I've decided to dedicate a series of blogs about commodities. This first blog in the series is about a primer of what commodities are and why they are considered an investment. In the Beginning..... When humans began to establish permanent settlements centered around grain producing regions it started a revolution in basic economics. Grains provided people an ability to store present production for future consumption on a more efficient scale relative to hunting and gathering. This is revolution was basically driven by the science... read more

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