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S M I L E M I L E T I L E Smile, we had the whole family here. Some drove a few miles. We even got out the domino tiles. I like Aunt Catherine's German Chocolate cake better than anything. The coconut is too good. And so it goes, Pam H

D O G   C L O G   J O G   I walked the dog early today. (My little Jack Daniels, Sophie) This is not a good time to wear a pair of clogs. This is a really good time to jog... Erma Bombek said she would jog when the runners started smiling. And so it goes... Pam H

Gauge Page Cage My gauge tells me summer is cooling down. We are on the same page. There are plenty of activities, so I do not feel a cage and I am outside. This summer I moved from Texas to Arizona. You all are so nice. I feel like a cheerleader, Dallas Rangers' style. So now it is back to school time. How was YOUR summer? Make it count. And so it goes... Pam H

I like wildlife, so I teach... Today we are waiting for company to arrive, drinking iced tea, reading a novel about kids (like I used to be and still feel like sometimes.) What are you doing with your Sunday? Where will the road you are on take you... Pam H

B A R E A I R C O N D I T I O N I N G P R A Y E R C O N D I T I O N I N G It is August, and Granny has bare legs, so the air conditioning can work better. All that is left is prayer conditioning. Let us pray for cooler weather---soon. And so it goes... Pam H

T H E R E T H E I R They're not the same. Shoe shopping is my activity today. Easy Spirit shoes feel good when I walk (and I walk a lot.) Today we drank cold chocolate milk made in my blender. And so it goes... Pam H

Paper Baker Laker On Sunday I have read the funny paper. Usually I am a baker (however the weather is too hot to fire up the oven.) Today we are watching Cleveland play the Texas Rangers baseball team and no, this is not a Laker game. My reading was about Texas tourism, my correspondence is done, and now I will have a C O L D glass of lemonade during the game. Join us, OK? Closing, Pam H

Pass Class Glass Wow! This is hot, but the season will pass. Come on down...join my class. It is lemonade time. Have a cold glass. Tonight I enjoyed a telephone conversation with my friend in Missouri. Together we ironed out several political problems. We can fix things, plus we can chuckle about the human condition. And so it goes... Pam H

C A R D G U A R D W A R D My frosty green bathroom needed new artwork, so I slid a pink & green greeting card into 3 classy old frames. Then I hung some kiss and Valentine LOVE hangings. This only cost $3.00, so I do not need a security guard (although it looks like a million dollars.) A guard would not have to ward off flocks of visitors, but yes, all my company gets a full house tour. This is a really good time for a really cold drink. Please tip your glass with me. Closing, Pam H

R A I N P A N E C A N E Today I drove to Dallas in the rain. There was rain water on the window pane. If I remained in Arizona I could just wait for rain until I was old enough to walk with a cane. Seriously, there really were a few raindrops and this old granny is a kid again, splashing in puddles. And so it goes... Pam H

P A I N T F A I N T The new frosty green paint in the front room looks good. That green paint looks so good that I might faint. This old story could be quaint. My little dog Sophie is resting. The Texas Rangers are playing well tonight on TV. Today I played dance music for the painter. This would be a good time to pour more lemonade. Please have a cold glass with me. And so it goes... Pam H

P A P E R V A P O R Reading the paper is great. Reading is much more fun than a heat vapor. Today I am drinking raspberry lemonade. When the sun cools we are going to the hardware store. Then I will serve more lemonade... Will you have an ice-cold glassful of lemonade with me? I will talk to you later, Pam H

P L A T E K A T E My plate has a balanced menu. Princess Kate looks like she needs a cheeseburger. Fate brings us choices. I choose a healthy diet. Right now would be a really good time to start. Will you have a cup of tea with me? And so it goes... Pam H

M E L O N Marshall Matt Dillon Cooling off with melon Watching Marshall Matt Dillon Our weather is chilly after the rain. Are you thinking about a long drive... Imagine the wipers going, the tires splashing puddles, and cool music from the CD player. Sounds like magic, right? And so it goes. Pam H

C H A R G E B A R G E Playing with puppies is a charge. The dock has a bay for a barge. Our weather issue is large. We are planning a long drive to the coast. I will pack 2 purple outfits and yes, my little dog Sophie will ride along. Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard will sing on the CD player. Maybe the menu will see a change. Maybe we will all gain a pound. Probably we will all have a really good time. Buying postcards has a better final effect than taking pictures. And so it goes... Pam H

C U R T A I N C E R T A I N Past the short white kitchen curtains are the treetops outside. I am certain today is going to be a wonderful day. The coffee is always perking. Little Sophie thinks she might enjoy a cup as well. Oh well... and so it goes... Pam H

P I N K R I N K My pennies are in a pink box. The box is on the rink of the shelf. A drink of raspberry lemonade would taste great right now. Just looking out the window into the green treetops is special. Not too many months ago my home was in the Arizona dessert where sand surrounds everything and cactus is the fence. Now life is about sharing with funny little raccoons and slow-moving armadilloes. And so it goes... Pam H.

R E D D R E A D We are having a red, white, and blue weekend. The thoughts are sparkling in my head. That book on my table is already read. The holiday traffic all moved safely (and quickly.) The Tucker Family Reunion was special and I thank the Tuckers for inviting me. All the hugging caused me to want one more hug from my mother and grandmother. And so it goes... Pam H

P O R F A V O R, P o o r Please pour some more lemonade. Poor me---I am so thirsty. Bitte, danke schoen, gracias, por favor This is a holiday weekend. I hope your time is special. And so it goes... Pam H

T A S T E W A I S T Let's have a taste of Baby Ray's Sweet Barbecue sauce. I will baste the boneless ribs just right (very slowly.) We will not eat the whole cow, so the pounds will not be paste on the waist. And so it goes... Pam H

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