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I - Word problems and Logic (“of” means multiply, “per” means divide, etc) 4 relational properties (commutative, inverse, distributive, and associative) algebraic order of operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide) use TI-89 calculator or Wolfram Alpha when necessary exponent rules: (A^x)*(A^y) = A^(x+y); (A^x)^y = A^(xy), etc fractional exponents written form of radicands and indices A^(x/y) = yrad(A^x) some word problems require writing out systems of equations quadratic physics problems with constant acceleration, initial velocity, and initial position   II-Inequalities solving inequalities: (works just like solving equations but if multiplying both sides by a negative then the inequality sign flips) plotting inequalities on number lines: (blank circle means exclude from domain, filled circle means include in domain) inequalities of absolute values: (|X|<A means X is between +/- A, |X|>A means... read more

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