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I’m not the only one that’s noticed that rather large and looming wall between most boys and early academic achievement. That wall is the following question: “Why?” Usually that question comes out a little differently. More likely than not it sounds something like: “Why do we have to do this crap anyway” to which we usually answer “Because I said so,” and subsequently follow that statement with a detention slip and a letter home about the boy’s behavioral issues. After all, the girls never ask questions like that. Gerry G., an inner city high school teacher and writer for the City Journal, writes one of his articles bout how boys are being short changed by the continued feminization of our classrooms. He cites some frightening statistics: “Only 65 percent [of boys] earned high school diplomas in the class of 2003, compared with 72 percent of girls, education researcher Jay Greene recently documented.” Some might attribute this to the popular theory that girls mature more quickly... read more

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