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Gone are the days that computers are hardwired to the Internet. Most people today have a wireless home network, but did you know that if it is not secure, anyone within range could access your network, download inappropriate or illegal material and even access information on your home computers? The news is full of stories where people have been arrested for downloading child porn, or other illegal activities, only to find out that their network had been used by someone else! Don’t let this happen to you. If you do have security enabled on your computer, make sure it is WPA2. If your router does not have WPA2 as an option, then it is time to get a new router. They are not expensive and the added security is worth it! By default your router was set with no security settings, but it is not difficult to change that and you should! The manual that came with your wireless router has the directions. But, if you’re like me – it’s someplace very safe – so safe, you probably cannot... read more

Do you find yourself reading your email on your smart phone and need to print something out? Unless you have an app that you paid for, you usually had to wait until you were at a computer. Now there are a few free solutions that are showing promise. The first is Google’s Cloud Printing. Before you can use this, you need to A) be using a Chrome Notebook, or B) have the Chrome web browser on your computer. Next, you need to turn on Cloud Printing and “register” your printers. In the preferences for Chrome you need to enable Cloud Printing. You do need to have a Google Account – which if you are using Chrome, you probably do! If you have more than one account, it will ask you which account you are assigning the cloud printing to. If you are able to assign this to more than one account, I have not found how to do this yet! Once you have enabled it, on your smart phone you need to download the Cloud Printing app. After accepting the policies and setting up the Google account,... read more

Mac virus – seems like an oxymoron huh? Unfortunately not any more! As the number of Macs gain market shares, those who work hard creating malware and viruses are now starting to pay attention to the Mac platform. While this is not good news for Mac owners, it is a wake-up call to make sure you have protection against viruses, malware, adware etc. Recently there is a virus that comes with the name “MacDefender”, “MacProtector”, “MacSecurity” and most recently “MacGuard”. What happens is while you are browsing the web, a message appears that tells you “MacGuard has found a virus on your computer, do you want this program to remove it?” The minute you click yes, the malware installs a virus on your computer! Unlike other programs you install on your Mac, this one does not require the administrator password, so anyone using your computer can inadvertently install it! This virus has been around for years on the Windows platform. It is a reminder that we all need some type of... read more

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