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With arms stretched up to the sky, a smile on her face and the question – “Guess what!” my student walked in my door and greeted me. You know it’s going to be good news when a student says “Guess what!”, so my answer is, of course, “What?”. “I finished the Iowa Test!” she answered and went on to say “I’ve never been able to finish it! I finished it today!” Diagnosed with Dyslexia, M came to me two years ago and has progressed through the Wilson Reading Systems Program nearly to it’s completion. She went from a struggling reader to a proficient reader who just finished her final book in a series we started together. She comes in and gives me retells that are amazing! We sat and talked for awhile about how wonderful an accomplishment it is to have finished the test and have the reading skills she now has that allowed her to finish. She started recalling times when she could not read the prompts and questions on the test! She also remembered not being able to follow the teachers’... read more

When I go home at night I have such a feeling of fullness, of gratitude. My students do that for me each and everyday. I started working with a First grade student about a month ago who was not able to read. Note the operative word here....was! He said the words on the page looked like "blah, blah, blah blah", like "blicywwdhui". His frustration was palpable. Smart and willing to work, he read his first sentence the second time we met. Purpose and fulfillment doesn't get much better than that! Fill 'er up!

Two of my High School students recently re-took their ACT's with hopes of better scores. They both reached beyond their goals! This, from one of them, was attached to a cute thank you gift: My batting average is 438. My slugging average is 575. My on base percentage is 1087. But my real home run and the best score ever is my 26! The Wilson Reading System has a tag-line of "Wilson Works" and this is yet another testament to that!

Sharing success stories can be a little bit heady – I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I am so very proud of my students and their accomplishments, it’s hard not to share! The following excerpt is taken from a student’s letter to the International Dyslexia Association in response to their “Honor A Teacher” campaign. Through mail and email, members, friends and supporters of IDA were invited to submit information about a special teacher, and “Unsung Hero” who has made significant contribution to their life or their child’s life. In my student’s letter to IDA she stated, “Kim is very patient, explains a lot, and never misses a day. She is kind, nice and friendly with a very warm personality. At first I was very nervous because I didn’t know the place or the people, but I was very comfortable with Kim. Kim is a very good teacher. I am thankful to have her versus any other teacher. I understand things the first time she explains them, my reading is much better now and I believe... read more

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