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Ok, here we go. Today was my first tutoring session. I am working with a nice young man on his Spanish to get him up to date with his classmates for the fall term. He's got a copy of his book and workbook for the summer, something I was NEVER allowed to do when I was in school back in the stone ages! So, after getting a little lost getting to his house (doesn't that always happen when you're trying to make a good first impression?) I arrived about 10 minutes late. His parents were very welcoming and glad that I made it to the house since their street seems to be left off of my GPS! We introduced ourselves in Spanish, he was quite comfortable speaking with me, and go down to business. We reviewed a bit of the present tense, talked about his friends, and then got down to work on new material. It was fun - he told me about his friends and I introduced the new concepts to him using this information. He told me, in Spanish of course, that one of his friends has two girlfriends!! So, with... read more

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