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Why acquiring a new language is so important? Why this same language is spoken in different way through out different Hispanic countries. This is one of the reasons why I choose Spanish to teach as a second language. This dialect is very complex and the pass culture and history of each Hispanic country has a marvelous influence in its way of speak. When an individual decide to learn it, not only he/she will be adding another skill to their knowledge, but also they will be approaching to the Latino culture as well. Although the 26 Hispanic countries that exist share the Spanish dialect, that do not means that they use it in a same way. Many people ask themselves what this phenomenon happens. The language in each country is spoken different. The region, the historical factors, the social changes through the years, the economy and even the political of the government are factors that help to understand why this dialect is spoken in many different ways in Hispanic countries in Latinoamerica;... read more

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