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I am excited to begin a brand new school year. There are always anxieties students face. There are tests. And projects. And the teacher who wears the purple pants three times per week.    But now we have ways to search for the best tutors. I cannot wait to see who will find me. I cannot wait to meet more students, help them study for tests, projects, and vent about their old-fashioned, purple-polyester-pants-wearing teachers who need to slow down the pace.   I want to help with all of that. I want my tenth year of tutoring to blow the red socks off the teachers with purple pants! Let's do this!   -Mrs. Becky

I'm so glad my GMAT student improved upon his score!! He's in for BIG things...   Now, I'm looking for college students to tutor! I want to see even more successes this year!!    There is is a reason the student-to-teacher ratio was small in ancient times. IT WORKS!!! :)

Before I go run a marathon, play with my family at the pool, ride a roller coaster, head to the beach, or eat some serious amounts of ice cream, I will look back on the successful school year I have had. I got to tutor over 15 students in Middle School, High School, SAT, and College Math...and even Chemistry! I watched GPAs rise for everybody-some were happy just to pass that College Math course to graduate, others enjoyed their hard earned As that were brought up from the D level. I must say, that things did get crazy with exams at the end of the year, but it all worked out amidst our busy-ness. My tutoring schedule is light for the summer, and I am hoping nobody waits until December exams to contact me! I want things to be done the right way...after all of the swimming, adventure, and ice cream, of course! :) -Becky

She shyly smiled as she told me her grade. I guess smiling was not on her list of things to do during a Math tutoring session, but nevertheless, it happened. I was surprised at the outcome, not because I did not think she could do it, but because she pulled it off in such a short amount of time. She had increased her grade in Algebra 2 from a D to a B minus in 5 weeks!!! Perfect timing for the end of the first semester! I'm so proud of her. Next stop: Trigonometry and Calculus...

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