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Oh Chemistry! So tough, so many equations, problems, how shall I handle it! The best way to handle it is to face it and make friendship with chemistry. Just like eco-friendly become chem–friendly. It is easy and fun too. Chemistry is just not locked behind the black letters of your chemistry book, which tells about concepts, equations, problems it is some thing you are associated with in your everyday life. Have you ever thought if salt was not invented which is nothing but sodium chloride what would your food taste without it? Chemistry teaches you the type of bonding, crystal structure, composition of salt. It is a miracle if you think how two entirely different elements (sodium (which catches fire when added to water) and (chlorine which is a well known for its bleaching property) unites to form a compound having entirely different property, here lies the mystery of chemistry. We tie bonds of friendship; similarly, elements form bonds to attain stability (octet rule). Our stomach... read more

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