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Hi, If you viewed my profile you probably realize that I have not used WyzAnt to tutor but one student, Mrs. R. In fact, Mrs. R. and I ended up having a great student/tutor relationship and I helped her in college English and writing. Mrs. R. was an accountant who furthered her degree, and the English classes were required, but not necessarily vital to her field. I helped her get A's in all of the English and writing classes at Chapman University through my tutoring. I mention Mrs. R., for I originally met her via WyzAnt and after several successful tutoring sessions we continued privately. I wanted to explain my lack of student ratings and reviews. I know Mrs. R. would be happy to write me a stellar review. Thank You, Ashton E.

Exploring America’s Voice: Whitman and Hughes’ Patriotic Verse Walt Whitman wrote about America. The country was his muse. In his great work, Leaves of Grass, he wrote on several subjects that attempted to capture the essence of the United States. His work addresses a variety of definitively American subjects. One subject he writes about is his optimism about the equality between American citizens. Whitman writes about this in his poem, “I Hear America Singing,” in which the word 'singing' appears in all but six lines. Whitman’s message is that each American has a story to tell. Each story is different from the other yet they all have the chance to be heard. Whitman suggests the freedom of the United States extended to all its citizens. Whitman speaks of the great freedom the United States has to offer every citizen no matter the financial positioning they hold. Langston Hughes wrote, “I, Too, sing America,” as a response to Walt Whitman’s poem, “I Hear America Singing,” Whitman’s... read more

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