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I am happy to report that my most recent SAT II Biology student scored an 800, a perfect score, on the SAT II exam!! We engaged in a comprehensive review of all the material covered on the SAT II Biology Exam, including discussing content matter and concepts, performing practice problems together, and reviewing practice SAT II Biology exams, including an officially released SAT II Biology exam. I helped her prepare for the exam by recommending a pacing strategy, content material to study, as well as effective test-taking techniques. I am very pleased that my knowledge, education, and expertise in Biology and the Sciences in general proved so fruitful for a high school student with high aspirations of attending an Ivy-League school. I would like to remind all students preparing for a standardized test that anything is possible and if one sets goals, one can certainly reach those goals with a lot of hard work, dedication, and studying!! I hope that this success story will... read more

Hi. My name is Hallie. Although I am not new to WyzAnt (I am an experienced WyzAnt tutor), this is my first blog post. I am an ivy-league educated individual who has experience teaching students in both areas of academic subjects and test preparation, including the private school and college-admissions processes. I am a an experienced academic and test prep tutor for over a decade. I thoroughly enjoy teaching students for the ACT Exam. I specialize in preparing students for the ACT English, ACT Reading, ACT Math, ACT Science, and Writing portions of the Exam. In other words, I tutor for all sections of the ACT Exam. I have tutored many students for the ACT exam, including a number of students with learning disabilities. Research has shown and my own experience has indicated that students with disabilities perform better on the ACT than the SAT exam. It seems that the ACT has become increasingly popular in recent years (especially in the last decade) and is increasingly accepted... read more

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