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Cash flow is ultimately what drives us in our personal lives or in business. We look at the Cash In's and the Cash Out's. If we have more cash coming in than cash going out, we call that Cash Flow Positive. If cash out is more, we call that Cash Flow Negative. We can be negative from time to time, but not for too long or if we don't balance it out with periods of positive. Over that past 20 years, we, as a society, have spent MORE than what we took in (what we earned). How did we handle it? How did we make it work for so long? Credit cards and home equity loans. When the economy was going well (remember that?), credit card companies and bank mortgage companies 'gave away' credit card and mortgages and home equity loans (HEL). We borrowed the money, and that allowed us to overspend. We were cash flow negative. Well, it catches up to you eventually and the US President and Congress are wrestling with this exact same issue today. Times have changed (for the worse) and we have been... read more

I find that Math can be really useful. I mean, useful in the Real World. -Is the cereal in the 25 oz box at price X a better deal than two 13.5 oz boxes on special? -How much carpeting do we need to order? Did the contractor charge for the correct amount of work? -If I want my kids to be able to go to college, how much do I need to start saving every month? It also can help take the anxiety out of Living Life (on a budget). We all have to deal with limited money, whether income or savings. How do we know we are doing okay, or NOT okay. How can we even THINK about it in a meaningful way? If we understand a little better, we will feel a little less anxious about it. Math is just a TOOL. One that you need some level of mastery. I like to say, for some people, you just need enough math skills to be able to 'tie your shoes', you don't have to become the expert 'cobbler'. Let me help you take tough Math (and business/finance) concepts and make it easy... read more

I'm a little biased. I prefer the additional controls, options and multiple windows you get with Quickbooks on your desktop. Also, for multiple businesses, you can run all on the same purchased program (1 time fee). The On-line version has been steadily improving (adding inventory and custom forms) and you can't beat it if you have multiple users and you want to avoid a centralized server. So, which do you use? If you have several users who work remotely, Online is a good bet. Payroll service is also very economical. If you are a more sophisticated user and need multiple custom forms, the PC versions are very robust. How can I help you leverage your version of Quickbooks to run your business?

Its tough as a small business owner to maintain good records and sell and oversee production and this and that. Why do it? Well, it shouldn't just be for the tax man. You, as the business owner, or manager, can benefit from using the 'numbers' as a business tool. Numbers provide no answers, only good questions. My belief is that a solid balance between gut, intuition and factual data will keep you on the right path.

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