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Bonjour, I really wanted to thank you for all that you've done for us in your class. You legitimately made the French language and culture fun! So, as a thank you, I figured I'd share some Costa Rican culture with you (namely food)! With plenty of awesome intended, Sarah V.

Merci BEAUCOUP for everything this semester! I honestly did not know what to expect going in to cette classe, except knowing that I wanted to learn the beautiful French language. Looking at everything I have learned from your class, I can easily say that you taught me much more than I expected to learn, and I must let you know that your teaching is TRES magnifiique!!! Vous etes une professeure who was extremely patient, understanding, attentive, interactive, fun, so nice, and the best sense of humor! As a student, those qualities for a teacher are so valuable for a class that takes so much focus and thinking! :) I will definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn French to definitely take your class! Have a great rest of your summer, and I hope you enjoyed our class as much as we enjoyed having you as our professeure! :) -- Take care, Stephanie D. California State University, Fullerton - School of Communications, Public Relations - Minor in Anthropolo... read more

May 2011, San Diego County (written by an A student, the very best student in my class): A couple of weeks ago, I was notified that I've won the "Medal of Honor" award at my community college. In the questionnaire given to each recipient, one of the questions is: "What have you enjoyed most about attending your College?" Here's what I answered with: Nearly every instructor I've had has shown an outright passion for the subject they teach, and for the success of their students. Being able to approach a professor after class and discuss a topic related to their lectures has been invaluable to me for improving my understanding, and has also helped to develop my interests in a wide variety of fields. When a professor is both extremely knowledgeable and genuinely enthusiastic about what they are teaching, it's just so much easier to remain interested in the class over the course of the entire semester. Before I went to a Community College, I had no idea that... read more

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