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During my tenure as a graduate teaching assistant, one issue that students continually lost points for when writing papers was using and correctly citing academic sources. For some undergraduate students, citing sources is often one of the less important details when writing a paper. After doing the research and analysis for a 10-20 page paper, there is a great feeling of relief. This is especially the case if you have pulled an all-nighter, of which I will not say I have never been guilty. The only thing standing in the way of you handing in your paper is a title page and a bibliography, or works cited page. At that point, the works cited page is, somewhat understandably, an afterthought. However, the first big mistake is making it appear to your professor, as such. This is often made noticeable by the lack of care in formatting the works cited page after a student has cut and pasted links in fonts of varying shapes, sizes, and unequal line spacing. The absence of aesthetics... read more

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