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If You Don’t Use It...You Lose It We language teachers and learners have a saying. “If you don’t use lose it.” We mean that if you don’t use your second or third language frequently, you will begin to forget it. So, I am going to give you a few suggestions for how to use Spanish (or any other language for that matter) every day. Do not become one of those who say, “I learned Spanish in high school and college, but I do not remember anything.” 1. Spanish radio can be a great friend. Set one of your stations in your car to a Spanish radio station. I have a few different stations set, but when I am flipping through them to avoid commercials, I will listen to the Spanish station when it comes up. And even the commercials on that station are valuable. 2. Set your home page on the Internet to a Spanish newspaper. It can be a local paper in Spanish or a different country’s paper. Each time I get online, the first thing I see is a newspaper from Honduras. I read the headlines... read more

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