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Yesterday, I chose as one of my default home pages with the Mozilla/Firefox browser. I changed to that browser because I was unable to take advantage of a couple of features offered by WyzAnt when using IE. The point is, this change led to the awareness that, for the most part, I had pretty much always viewed the internet as a place of work. A place to check e-mail, to do research, to order prescription refills, and search for full-time work. Naturally, I was fully aware of the internet's capability to open up a world bigger than I can imagine - bigger than even the books that I grew up reading showed me. How do you view the internet? Is it a place to play games, to connect with your friends, or to do work? I think it should be a place where we seek to continue the balancing act that we call "life." My other two default home pages are WyzAnt and Comcast, the former for work and the later for e-mail (at least for the time being). I... read more

It's been a while since I posted something to my blog, so I think I'll take advantage of this moment of inspiration to do so. "Moments of inspiration" come so rarely to writers. I suppose I'm as guilty as the next person when thinking of famous and successful writers like Hemingway, Steinbeck, and J. K. Rowling and somewhere in my subconscious having the idea emerge that their stories came out fully formed, publication ready. It’s been proven to me over and over again that 99.9% of all writing is just plain hard work. Some of us do have what seems to be a natural proclivity towards the written word. I like to think that mine came mainly from being a voracious reader in my youth. Naturally, other factors are involved, but I attribute the bulk of my ability to the fact that every summer I would max out on our local library's reading program usually no later than the end of June. That I had to wait until some time in August for my free Dairy Queen treat still... read more

When tutoring, it's extremely important to keep in mind the client's needs and schedule, aka "life." I had a wonderful session with my first WyzAnt client on Sunday, 7/17/2011. When the session was over, both parents said they would contact me to schedule the next session. Thinking that setting a date and time was a relatively simple task, I assumed that I would be contacted that day or Monday. When two days passed w/no contact from the client, I further assumed they really weren't satisfied with my services, and were seeking a different tutor. Between Sunday and Tuesday, I sent a couple of fairly lengthy e-mails, one thanking them for their help in making it a great session and asking that feedback be posted to my WyzAnt profile page, and another trying to explain why my services might not have been as effective as they could have been had our session dynamics been slightly different. The third, and shortest e-mail, was the boilerplate provided by WyzAnt for requesting feedback... read more

Is there anyone who is not busy today? I don't know of anyone who fits that category. So the question begging to be answered is, "How can I most efficiently allocate my time to best meet my needs, the needs of my family, while also maintaining a social life and staying in good physical health?" In my current profession, tutor, blogging is an option we can use to, in an indirect way, generate income. Plus, since my field is English, which includes writing and all sorts of literatures, writing a blog seems an appropriate activity to pursue. Not only will it eventually benefit me economically, it will give potential students some insight into who I am and also provide concrete proof of my alleged abilities in English. So far, this brief entry has taken me approximately five minutes to write. And I'm pretty sure this will be my last paragraph. So, even if I take another five minutes, the total transaction will equal out to 1/6 of an hour. The rate I'm currently charging... read more

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