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All my grade 8 & 9 students (10 students) passed the Algebra Core Regents exam. Only one student had to retake it in August and she passed with an 83%. In June she scored 53%. My two Trigonometry students passed the Regents, but only 2 out 4 students passed the Geometry Regents exams.

I am happy to announce that all my students have passed the NY State Regents examinations, except one student.  The subjects varied from Algebra 1, Algebra 11/Trigonometry, English, US and Global History and Living Environment.  I am so proud of them.  Most of these students are students who struggled quite a bit.  It was a long journey but one I would do again.    I am very proud of them as most of them will be graduating this year.  The NY State Common Core examinations are next.

What a great semester this turning out to be so far.  My students vary from grade 2 - grade 12.  My grade 2 students struggle with long and short vowel sounds and their spellings and pronunciations.  One is doing so much better after a few weeks, that I was able to begin helping her improve her Reading Comprehension skills.  I let you know how that goes soon.  I also assist her with Mathematics.  She struggled a bit with 2 digit subtractions.  Even that is improving.   My other grade 2 student is spelling much better and enjoys learning new 'big' words.  The other grade 2 student is still in the phase of learning to add and subtract well, but is improving each week.  My grade 8 student has began the semester in school with high 80s in Mathematics and Science.  She has never loved Science, but she told me that I make learning Science 'fun'.  So proud of her.  My grade 7 student, who is her cousin, is writing much... read more

I was excited on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013. This was my third meeting with this student and I finally had a breakthrough with him. On the first meeting it was clear that he saw Algebra I almost as a foreign language. I began with one of the test packet, and had him do 10 questions and reviewed the questions he had done wrong. So this continued for a while, and of course sometimes he would say that he understood, but it was clear that he did not. Anyway, after reviewing the entire packet I began a teach and learn session, in which I picked a variety of topics and had him practice various equations. After which I gave him a quiz. He failed the quiz miserably, so of course he still did not understand. Anyway, I gave him another packet for homework. When I saw the student again, I reviewed with him, but still not much improvement, but at least he tried. I did the teach and learn session again, of which some of the questions were from the previous session, and I gave him the same... read more

The Summer session has just begun. The stress has already begun to set in, but this week I had a break through with a few of the students. So this is my second week with a student who I am tutoring for both Algebra I and Earth Science. So far he seems stronger in Earth Science but still needs much practice, before I can be very confident about his ability to pass the Regents exam in August. After the first session of Algebra, I walked away thinking about how am I going to get him ready by August 13th. I recommended an additional session to the parents, but so far they have said no. I did several practice examples, and made the second session mainly a teaching and learning session. Then I ended the session with a quiz, but he failed :(. So when I had to meet him again for Earth Science, my mind was swirling as to how I can help him, and will I at least be successful with this subject. When I checked the homework, there was a slight improvement but not enough to celebrate. So I came... read more

I had such a wonderful day. Students and parents were texting and calling me with very good news. So many students passed their Regents exams, and others received report cards with very good grades. All the hard work, stress and snacking (so weight gain lol), were well worth it. So while I am on the treadmill running off the blues, at least I can smile because of all our accomplishments. Hopefully, we (students, parents and I), will have a great summer too. The Regents exams are August 13th and 14th, as well as the NY State Core exams for the younger students are in August. 'Prayer and Work Conquer All'.

"I passed the US History Regents exam. I scored a 75%. That is the highest I ever scored on any Regents exam!" This student suffers from test anxiety. She gets nervous, and may even forget everything she has studied while taking the test. I have been tutoring her for a while, but the last day before the Regents exam, I really hammered the main points. It worked! She passed the Regents exam. Living Environment is next :). I am so proud of her and know that she will do just as well, or perhaps better on the LE Regents exam.

Hello Miss Gil, I received a 96% in Global History. I was so excited to hear these words from my student! At first she did not want to be tutored. Her father dropped her off at the Library. So I told her that if she did the practice test, and did well, she would never have to see me again. Well, she scored a 58%, and there were so many events and topics that she did not know. We scheduled 3 additional three hour sessions. By the last session, her essays had improved and her overall score was an 83%. I told her that I believe that she can score as much as a 95% on the Regents Exam. She laughed and said "Yeah right". Well she scored a 96% and I am very proud of her.

For the 5th year in a row, all my students have passed their NY State examinations. A few have made it to the Honor Roll, and some are receiving Academic Achievement Awards next week. I am so proud of them. This was a difficult year for some, especially with Common Core test requirement, being a late suggestion and requirement by Bloomberg's team. So many students and parents were very worried and scared. So I did my research, and bought the required books, as well as to incorporate the use of the students' books. Each session I worked on building their competency and comprehension skills, and then have them do a practice exam. With each session, I noticed the improvement and confidence in each student. So I am celebrating with the students on Friday. I can hardly wait to see them. Another tedious but great year.

What a way to start off the New Year! First I met with a student for US History and Living Environment. She is taking the Regents exams in three weeks. When I first met with her, Cee had a fear of taking exams, and was very nervous. She struggled with understanding both subjects; the Historical Events and dates, as well as the vocabulary words for Biology. Her next struggles were understanding and answering the document based questions for US History and the short responses for LE. Now she answers them much more confidently and accurately, and has even improved in writing her document based and thematic essays for US History. I am so proud of her and is certain that she will pass both Regents exams. Then I met with my grade 4 student for Math, English Language Art and Science. He has gone from scoring 31% to 83% on his practice science exam. He is much more confident with doing Math and ELA assignments. I am so proud of him. Then it was on to my grade 6 Math student. When I... read more

This is what my student, Alysa, told me on Monday, December 3rd. She has been struggling with fractions, and so I would give her several practice exercises, and show her some new ways to do them. I had her convert mix numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. I had Alysa add, subtract, multiply and divide a variety of fractions. Just when she seems to understand them a bit, I had her cross divide. At first she was a bit confused and resistant because her teacher was not teaching her to cross divide/cancel. As she began realizing how much easier it makes arriving at the final answer, she began to gravitate towards this method. Now her teacher is teaching this method in class, and she is so excited. Not only did she understand and pass her quiz, she was able to assist her best friend. She came to the tutoring session beaming with pride. I am so proud of her. Now we are on to decimals and percentage. So far so good :).

Alex made my day today. He passed the Global History and Geography Regents Exam!! Let me tell you a little bit about Alex. When I first met him, he came to tutoring two hours late. The next day an 11/2 late. He was on time on the third day, but by the next week it was back to being Alex. He did not show up for tutoring nor did he call. He would do assignments if he felt like it. There was always an excuse for something, but he would never take responsibility for his actions. When I finally sat down with he and his mother and told them that at the rate Alex was going, he was not going to pass his Regents exams. He may have to repeat the grade or go to summer school. Alex became so angry and adamant. He kept saying repeatedly, that he was not going to repeat grade 10. So I looked at him and asked, "So what are you going to do about it?" "Because saying that you are not going to repeat and then you neither study nor do the assignments, is not saying much. I think that... read more

I have written about these two boys before. They are the two students who were struggling with Mathematics. They are best friends and were in grade six. Well now they are both in grade 7. They play football for the school, and they are doing so much better in Mathematics. I had written that one struggled more than the other in Mathematics. For the student who struggled more, doing Math was like doing 'rocket science'. Sometimes it was painful to watch, but at the same time admirable, because he was persistent. Sometimes, I had to be a little stern with him because I did not want him to give up. I was determined for him to understand the concepts as well as pass his NY State exam. I went through such a roller coaster of emotions while preparing him for the exam. Finally I looked at him and said, you are going to pass this exam. You know how to do these Mathematics. We practice these all the time. There is nothing new, just read the problems carefully, take your time, and do what the... read more

We did it again! All the students whom I have tutored for both regular academics and for the NYS ELA and Mathematics, have passed their exams. Some are moving up to the next grades, and others have received achievement awards. It is such a great feeling when the results of dedication from the parents, hard work from the students and myself, produce such a wonderful accomplishment. I am taking all my younger students out for ice-cream. We have to celebrate this milestone. I am available throughout the summer for anyone who may need my help. I must say that my calendar is filling up quickly, even for the fall semester. Have a great day everyone, while I gloat in this moment :).

Yesterday was another great day to be a tutor. I met with a young student for Regents Integrated Algebra and Geometry. She was so nervous when I first met her. I told her that I would put a curriculum together for her, and with hard work she will be fine. Week after week we work together. Slowly but surely she began exhibiting confidence, asking questions and solving problems. It was so nice to see. The best part is when I arrived yesterday she told me that she received a higher grade on her exam than the last time, at school. She told me that she has been studying, which was obvious by her performance. If I gave her a problem that she had difficulty solving, she would ask for more practice exercises like it. Three weeks ago she would never had done that. I am so proud of her. Both the student and her mom thanked me, and I hugged them as I left. I even received a referral before leaving. I really love what I do.

I am always writing about a proud moment I experience while tutoring a student or students. Well this time the proud moment is about a new student through WyzAnt, whom I am tutoring. The first day that I met her, she looked so exasperated and overwhelmed. I told her not to worry, I was going to put some materials together and with hard work she will see improvement. So we spent two hours of practicing Geometry for the Regents. I would have her attempt the problems first and then assist her if she had any difficulty. We did many problems and I gave her about 5 problems for home work. Yesterday when I met with her, she had completed the home work and they were all right. She even showed how she arrived at the answer. I gave her some more problems to do, and unlike last week, she was able to do some on her own and arrive at the correct answers. You could see the pride in her face, and I was very proud of her. I left her copies of all the problems that we have been working on and... read more

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