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Did you mean the coin was tossed 24 times?  Or did you mean head occurred 8 times?  One of those needs to be changed.


"One afternoon while working around his yard, a man spotted a cocoon. Looking closely, he noticed that something was struggling to get through a very small hole in the cocoon. He sat and watched for several minutes before he was certain that what he was seeing was a butterfly attempting to get through the hole in the cocoon. As he watched, the insect inside the cocoon pushed and twisted,... read more


Go 100% at everything. Even if it is cleaning the toilet bowl.


The sweetest calls I receive are from parents who tell me that they no longer need my service because their kids are doing so well in math that they need to focus their resources on other things. Fortunately, I have such an endless supply of students, I can genuinely enjoy those moments without any business feelings. I am not much of a businessman anyway.


I have my own website on statistics, and I teach SAT math to gifted students (+ other math courses) at a highly reputed Test Prep Academy that charges $1,500 for its SAT program. I have access to a great amount of tutorial resources in all math courses. I don't want my students to be robots and just replicate procedures. I want them to understand what they are doing and enjoy the process... read more