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I am always fascinated with what we can do through technology these days. I've raved about Skype in the past, but it seems that a possibly even greater resource has been passed along to me through word of mouth specifically designed to help ESL/ESOL students: ConfabLab. For those of you not familiar with this site, it is an education portal that records every part of the lessons that occur between tutor and student, including all that gets written on the "white-board" so that the student has all of the notes and discussion saved on their own computer for future use. The video is all in HD, so the quality is even higher than that of Skype, and best of all IT'S FREE FOR STUDENTS!! That's right! The only cost is for the tutor! It's so easy to use, it saves you money, and it's convenient because you can have lessons done in the comfort of your own home and do not have to travel all around the city to wherever your tutor is located. For all tutors who are reading this: it's incredibly... read more

Wow! Today's poll for all WyzAnt tutors was very simple: Are you a certified teacher- yes or no? To my surprise, only 30% are certified teachers. THIRTY PERCENT! Are you kidding? I am completely shocked by this low number. That means that 7 out of every 10 tutors located on this site have never stepped foot in a classroom. This certainly does not mean that the many tutors on WyzAnt are not good at what they do, and while it is true that teaching 25 kids in a classroom and consulting a student one-on-one are very different situations, teaching experience is nothing but a plus for you as a student when it comes to you finding a tutoring match for your needs. Let's be frank: private tutoring is not cheap, nor is it a decision to take lightly. You need to be sure when you make an investment into a private tutor that it is someone not only caring and hardworking but also experienced- and that, for most people's satisfaction, means certified. If you're looking for a certified teacher,... read more

I just recently completed an hour of tutoring with a young man who was wanting to brush up on his sign language before taking a college placement exam for his language credit. He needed a tutor, and I wanted to tutor him. The only problem was this: I'm in Houston and he's in Galveston... the answer? SKYPE! If you are unfamiliar with Skype, it is basically a free video-chat service. You set up an account and a webcam and then you can call other people's computers, iPhones, etc. and see and hear them in real time. It feels so futuristic! I am fascinated more and more each day about the technology around me! At first I was thankful to have Skype so I could video-chat with my grandparents, but now it has become a very successful and practical teaching tool! The young man and I were able to set up a convenient time to chat and then were able to not only hear but also see each other as if we were working side by side or face to face! We plan on meeting up again tonight to go over some... read more

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