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So many time I run across students who dread summer tutoring. Well, I am here to remind you that if learning is approached with a student's learning style in mind, and a bit of creativity learning even the most "boring" subject can be interesting and enjoyable. At least that is what my 2nd graders have told me. Yes, tutoring can be a great way to break the summer heat.

There have been times when I wonder why do I keep teaching instead of something else. Well, today was just a brief reminder. Exams can really be so stressful especially for those who care toooo much! Such is the case with one of my Algebra students this year. Well, I am proud to announce that an AP Algebra 1,8th grader passed his first midterm exam with 95%. Way to go kiddo! It really goes to show you that hard work and perseverance pays off.

Well, after working very hard for 2 1/2 weeks one of my students progressed 45% jump in their skills allowing her to pass the TAKS.....WAY TO GO GIRL.

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