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Writing is a tool that you will need throughout your entire personal and professional career. Some of you may be planning on attending college, law school, medical school, nursing school, or any other learning institution. Despite where your personal journey may take you, writing MUST be a passenger in your vehicle. There are many types of writing styles. For instance, you can write academically, creatively, or you may like to journal, which means that you like to write for fun. It is important to know what style of writing to use and in what contexts to use that style. What is the best way to learn how to write better? PRACTICE. Good writing skills do not happen in a vacuum, but they happen in the presence of much practice, time, and attention. Having great writing skills are very important because these skills can determine the kind of grades that you obtain in school, how other people perceive your ability to communicate, and the kinds of jobs you qualify for. Remember,... read more

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