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Although I am not a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", let me nevertheless ask the audience on this one... I want to know what makes a tutor more appealing (besides the profile picture). Is it affordability? Is it flexibility in hours? Is it number of years experience in tutoring a particular subject? Is it the ratings given to the tutor by students? Is it age? Please give me an idea of what I can do for you. Although I am new to this tutoring site, I really want to build more relationships with students who seek assistance in math and other subjects. Your feedback will not only help me cater to these responses, but it may also assist other tutors. Personally, I have noticed a variety of experience from other tutors, various rates, and a spectrum of ages. Some tutors seem quite qualified, yet they could be "selling themselves short" by only charging $25/hr for their services (and with their patience and charisma seem to be "worth"... read more

If you have heard these words out of someone else's mouth, or have spoken them yourself, here's the blog to pay attention to... Recently I picked up a book called "Mindset" by Carol Dweck, PhD. The premise of the book was focused on two mindsets: the "fixed" mindset, and the "growth" mindset. The title of this blog pertains to the former mindset. I would like to inspire you to adopt the "growth" mindset. Here's how. You may not have experienced great math teaching in your past, or perhaps your math background consisted of a few painful semesters or years of the algebra sequence with some trigonometry or geometry thrown in to make it interesting. But math is more than just numbers. There is a beautiful process of logic behind the numbers and equations that really can help in other parts of your life. Assuming a "growth" mindset, your statements about math will evolve into "This is difficult, but I know if I put my mind... read more

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