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Ah, the difference between affect and effect . . .   To begin, you must know what a noun and a verb are (which I'm sure you do).    Affect is a verb.  How did something affect you? How did it affect someone else or something else?  "To affect"...


Hi Maisie,   By definition, an oxymoron is figurative language which combines two incongruous and seemingly contradictory words and meanings for a special effect.  In other words, two words that normally do not work together and contradict or go against each other in meaning, are...


“If you want to become a better reader, you need to become a better writer. If you want to become a better writer, you need to become a better reader.” Reading and writing are integral parts of one another. Ask any published author what he or she wrote about and he or she will be quick to tell you most of their ideas came from what they’ve read. Literature, in whatever form, is about life. What... read more